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This month, Better Health News tackles all the need to know information for the holidays.

First, hangovers are a common occurrence during this time, therefore learn the best remedy to rid yourself of a morning full of pain.

Then, learn the health reasons for why children are such an important part of our lives.

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This Month
Hangover Season
The Secret to Long Life is in our Kids

Hangover Season


Christmas season is upon us. Aside from Santa, the overabundance of gifts and Christmas music, most of us associate the Christmas season with parties. Between office parties and visits to all our friends and relatives who made wonderful goodies and prepared their favorite cocktails, most of us end up nursing hangovers after the holidays. What exactly is hangover, how to avoid it and how to cure it are not very popular research topics among scientists, so it's not surprising that your grandfather probably has more useful advice than most scientific journals. Nevertheless, it is interesting to find out what happens in our bodies, and our brain, when we overindulge in alcohol, and what remedy really works.


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The Secret to Long Life is in our Kids


We love our kids. They give meaning to our lives and make our existence fulfilled and exciting. This is particularly obvious around Christmas holidays.

Decorating trees, filling Christmas stockings and gathering together around the dining table remind us how grateful we should be for our family. Of course, it does not mean that we do not get occasionally exasperated with our children. When really ticked, we tend to say "you will be the death of me." But, a new study shows that people who have children tend to live longer than those who do not.


Parenthood advantages

In a very large study, which spanned more than ten years and involved 21 276 couples who were involved in the in-vitro fertilization program, a group of Danish scientists came up with some interesting findings. Women who gave birth to a child reduced their likelihood of early death by four times.


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