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This month, we embrace the new year with new hopes and health goals that we wish to accomplish these new coming months.

Once and for all eliminate your nasty bad habit. Smoking should be a thing of the past, do not let it cloud your future.

Secondly we shed some light on that extra weight you should be taking care of, and hope to keep the motivation alive so that this goal is not another short lived New Year’s resolution.

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This Month
Quit Smoking For Better Health
What’s Your Motivation For Weight Loss

Quit Smoking For Better Health


You know, and have probably always known, that you need to quit smoking. Maybe you’ve even made a few attempts to drop the habit. If you have been unsuccessful up until this point, keep reading for valuable information about why it’s important to quit and for tips to help you quit.

Quit Smoking For A Healthier Lifestyle

Maybe it’s time for a reality check to see what smoking is really doing to your body.

  • Nicotine particles are carried to your lungs through the blood stream in the form of tar. Once there, they create a sticky residue on your lungs that will eventually hinder your breathing and leave you less active.
  • ...

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What’s Your Motivation For Weight Loss?


Will Your Motivation For Weight Loss Work?

What is your motivation for weight loss this year? Your New Year’s healthy living resolution should be well under way at this point. If it isn’t, what exactly are you waiting for? Maybe you just don’t have enough motivation.


Motivation For Weight Loss

I could sit here and bore you with all of the scientific statistics that go along with getting healthy. Statistics about lower blood pressure and lower blood sugar are just a few of the statistics that I’m sure you hear about all the time when it comes to becoming healthy. But I promised not to bore you so let’s talk like real people for a minute shall we?


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