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This month, Better Health News gives you an overview of how to save money with the new healthcare regulations.

First, we cover kids and teens.

Then, women and their new options.

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This Month
16 No-Cost Healthcare Boosts for Kids and Teens
7 New and No-Cost Doctor Visits for Women

16 No-Cost Healthcare Boosts for Kids and Teens


Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes, knees and toes...

To kids, it’s a simple preschool song. But, for parents, it’s a reminder that we owe it to our little ones to keep all those parts healthy.

One of the best ways parents and caregivers can help their babies (whether it’s a newborn baby or a teen “baby”) is by getting them good quality preventative care.

Now, we all know how expensive health care can be. But here’s some good news: you can get your child the preventative care that keeps them happy, healthy, and singing.

Which preventative services won’t cost you a dime? Here are the no-cost health care perks available for babies, kids, and teens.

Healthier Kids


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7 New no-cost Doctor Visits for Women


In a small house on a quiet street, a single mother sniffles as she puts on another batch of chicken soup for her three kids, all of which are sick in bed with the flu.

Across town, a daughter stops by her aging father’s home to help him cook dinner, giving her a 12 hour working day. His arthritis has been acting up more these days, and he needs the help.

Women often find themselves putting the health and well-being of others before their own. But even the most caring of women needs a little care herself. That’s why it’s critical for the women who care for everyone else to learn about the new, no-cost preventative services that help them care for themselves.

Here are 7 preventative services women now have access to, without a co-payment or other cost sharing.

1. Well Visits


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