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How CPPI is paving the way for Americans to get access to reduced prescription medication costs.

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Cppi helps americans get access to reduced prescription medication

Over the past few years, adults have made use of many strategies in order to reduce their drug related expenses by one of the following methods:

  • Asking their doctors for medication that is lower in cost so as to save money
  • Not taking medications as they have been prescribed to them
  • Skipping their medications entirely so that they would not have to spend money on them

However, such strategies are definitely not effective in the long run since it could lead to the development of more serious health issues as well as increased hospitalizations, use of emergency rooms, and various cardiovascular events. These adults fail to realize that by foregoing timely medications, they could end up risking a lot more in the future. But with increased costs of these medications, they are becoming more and more unaffordable. This is where CPPI comes in.

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5 Ways sugar affects your mental performance


Eating well entails eating the right kinds of foods that help in making sure that we boost our overall performance in our daily lives. Processed foods and sugary snacks are not at all a healthy diet since they make a person lack in productivity, delay their reaction time, and lose out on their focus. People then only want to do is to take long naps throughout the day. They also become short tempered and emotional. However, healthy eating can take away stress and allow a person to be more in control of their actions. It even helps in making the memory of the person better. Below are 5 ways in which sugar affects mood, mental and emotional balance, stress, memory, as well as focus.

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