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In this Better Health News issue we will address some key topics that will help to keep you healthy, happy and comfortable over the summer.

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Lower Your Risk of High Blood Pressure

Healthy Exercise

1. Exercise

Regular exercise has been known to lower blood pressure in some people. It can also be healthy in many other ways including helping with weight management, lowering cholesterol, and reducing stress. Make an exercise schedule for yourself and spend at least 30 minutes a day 5 times a week running, walking, cycling, or doing Pilates. There are also special yoga classes which help lower blood pressure.

2. Monitor your Weight

Those who are overweight may be more likely to suffer from problems with blood pressure than those who are of normal weight. If you are overweight, try to lose a few pounds in order to improve blood flow by exercising and eating a healthier diet.

3. Limit your salt intake

Reducing your intake of salt and other forms of sodium may help control your blood pressure. On the other hand, eating foods with more potassium, magnesium, and calcium can also lower your blood pressure.

4. Limit your alcohol intake

High amounts of alcoholic beverages will increase your blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, it's a good idea to consider not drinking alcohol. If you do choose to drink, be sure to monitor your intake. If you are drinking, limit yourself to no more than 2 drinks a day, and 9 drinks a week.

5. Stress Less

High stress levels will increase your blood pressure. It's important to relax and give yourself time to wind down before bed in order to reduce your stress, thus reducing your blood pressure. Try relaxation and meditation techniques like deep breathing or taking a hot bubble bath.

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Vitamin B Complex A Great Source for Energy

Vitamin D Everyone loves to enjoy the good summer weather. But those extended hours of daylight can often make it difficult to get through the day with enough energy. This leads many people to rely on sources like energy drinks and coffee to give them a jolt during the day. However, there is something that can be a more effective and long-lasting source of energy.

The Vitamin B Complex is composed of eight vitamins including thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pyridoxine (B6), folic acid (B9), cyanocobalamin (B12), pantothenic acid and biotin. B Vitamins are critical to an energetic long life. Vitamins B1 and Biotin help you to maintain a healthy metabolism while vitamins B2, B3, B5 and B12 are necessary for the bodys production of energy. A deficiency of these vitamins could lead to fatigue, muscle weakness, lower metabolism rates and more.

B Vitamins work to provide energy to the body by converting carbohydrates into glucose and glucose into energy. They are required to metabolize both fats and proteins. In addition, the Vitamin B Complex assists in maintaining a healthy nervous system and in proper digestion. It also helps to keep skin, hair and nails healthy. Because this group of vitamins works together, it is best if they are taken at the same time.

Don't let a Vitamin B deficiency keep you from fun summer activities. The Vitamin B Complex may be the answer to your lack of energy.

Arimidex Could Save Your Life


Arimidex treats breast cancer in its earliest stages and has a mind blowing 68 percent success rate! Arimidex works by lowering the amount of estrogen in ones body. This works because many times, after menopause when androgens are changed into estrogen, the estrogen that goes to the breast can cause breast cancer. Arimidex stops the problem at its root the hormone being changed into estrogen. Arimidex binds to the hormone and stops the production of estrogen. This is how Arimidex works to fight breast cancer.

Side effects associated commonly with Arimidex include bone loss, weakness, nausea, joint pain, and hot flashes. Many people wonder if after using this medication these side effects will go away, and they do! You can also cope with each symptom in different ways to relieve the symptoms. For bone loss, eat plenty of calcium and vitamin D and exercise lots. Weakness can be helped by eating nutritiously and drinking lots of water. Also rest lots and pace yourself. For nausea or vomiting all you can do is eat small amounts of bland food and stay hydrated with small amounts of liquid over time. For joint pain you can use an over the counter pain reliever. Lastly, for hot flashes it is recommended you try to find the triggers to your hot flashes by keeping a written record of the time and task you were doing when the hot flash occurred.

Overall for the positive results and lives saved as an outcome of using Arimidex, the side effects are sufferable.

Hair Loss Prevention

As men age, they suffer from hair loss, even beginning at a young age. What they don't know is that they can prevent hair loss with home remedies and medications.

Hair loss is more common in North America than in Europe because of our diet. The average North American diet is much worse than the average European diet. North Americans eat much more fatty foods and animal proteins and not enough fruits and vegetables. Another reason contributing to hair loss is hair dye. Yes, dye does cause significant hair loss, not right away, but later in life. For women, birth control pills contribute to hair loss. This is only temporary and you should not worry.


Home remedies you can use to prevent hair loss are easy to find, and cheap, but less efficient than medication.

Aloe Vera You can use Aloe Vera gel to stimulate hair growth. After you shampoo apply Aloe Vera and massage your scalp, then rinse.

Exercise This will increase the blood flow and oxygen being delivered throughout your body which in turn, helps your hair grow.

Onion Juice Rubbing onion juice on your hear once a week, and letting it sit for two to four hours is said to improve hair growth.

Dilute your Shampoo Shampoo may clog pores and inhibit hair growth. With a little water added you can reduce this and let your hair grow naturally.

As well as this it is suggested you use a medication to stimulate hair growth. Propecia has a ninety percent success rate! Propecia inhibits DHT the substance causing hair loss which helps to re-grow visible hair. This medication is meant for men only and should not be used by women or children.

By using a combination of medication and home remedies, you can stop your hair loss in its tracks!