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This month, fight back against cancer and don't just sit around waiting for it to eat away at you.

Secondly find out if your memory loss is simply from a well celebrated St. Patricks day or Alzheimer's disease.

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This Month
Scare Off Cancer by Exercising
Red Wine and Green Tea Could be the Cure to Alzheimer's Disease

Scare Off Cancer by Exercising


What if this springtime you had an opportunity to lose weight, increase your energy, and protect yourself against various types of cancer? Sounds like an absolute no-brainer, right? But is there actually a way to do all of this and prevent cancer at the same time?

Move More, Fear Less

The American Cancer Society suggests that one of the most effective weapons you can add to your cancer-fighting kit is regular exercise. They indicate that participating in healthy habits, including nutritious eating and regular exercise can prevent fifty percent of cancer-related deaths.


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Red Wine and Green Tea Could be the Cure to Alzheimer’s Disease?


Worried that your recent memory loss isn't the result of your St. Patrick's Day celebrations? If so, you might want to look into the health benefits of red wine, green tea, and dark chocolate.

The Alzheimer’s puzzle

In America alone, over 5.3 million individuals suffer from Alzheimer's disease. One of the biggest risk factors for Alzheimer's is aging and although researchers have been working hard to discover a cure, as of now nothing conclusive has been found.


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