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This month, we're focusing on weight health and nutrition. Everything that goes into your body can have a big impact on your quality-of-life. In fact, our feature story talks about how what you eat affects the chemistry of your brain.

Then, we look at some small changes to your diet that can cause some big changes to your energy levels.

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This Month
How to Use Brain Chemicals to Lose Weight
Five Super-Food Mix-ins for Busy People
Does Body Weight Affect Lifespan?

How to Use Brain Chemicals to Lose Weight


Head silhouette with gears inside. When our bodies are functioning properly, they work like well-oiled machines: disease-free and with plenty of energy. But aside from getting regular exercise and eating well, it turns out that brain chemicals, called neurotransmitters, play a big part in healthy living. And weight loss, too.

One brain chemical in particular, orexin, is making waves in the medical community.

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Five Superfood Mix-ins for Busy People


It can be tough to get what your body needs when rushing around, trying to get things done. But, better eating doesn’t have to be a big undertaking. Try picking up one (or all) of these superfoods to add to your everyday routine.

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Does Body Weight Affect Lifespan?


Like with most health questions, the answer is: sometimes.

Body weight and lifespan are not tied up together. One person can be 'overweight' and be very healthy while another person can be their ideal weight and on their way to an early grave.

So, what’s the secret to better health and a longer life? Turns out there are two big factors.

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