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This month, Better Health News talks about the spectrum of health concerns.

First, children are smaller versions of adults and although they seem to have the same problems that persist in adults, they still need more kid-friendly treatments.

Then, adults too need to take safety precautions because as age increases so does the risk of injury when even the slightest fall occurs.

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Hospitals Not Careful with Children's Pain
'Careful' Not Enough to Prevent Elderly Falls

Hospitals Not Careful with Children's Pain


Kids aren't little adults. They're growing, learning, and changing every day. Unfortunately, kids can still suffer from the same adult diseases that scare, cripple and just plain hurt.

Most people would assume a hospital to be the first place to have specialized 'kid-friendly' medical procedures. After all, there's a whole division of medicine to specialize in treating and healing the pains children face.

So, why are hospitals still handling kids' pain like they handle adults' pain?

Recent studies have uncovered the startling pain detection methods hospitals use with children. These methods just don't take into account that kids can't communicate as well as adults. Plus, they may not find a 'grown-up' to complain about pain in the first place.


The Dos and Don'ts of Kid Hospital Care


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'Careful' Not Enough to Prevent Elderly Falls


When kids fall, usually there's not much of a problem. Maybe there's a skinned knee, but that's about it.

But later in life, a fall can have devastating consequences.

After years have passed, the human body just isn't as resilient as it was at 6 years old. You might skin your knee, but that wound can take a long time to heal. If you suffer from osteoporosis or don't have enough calcium or vitamin D in your diet, a fall may lead to a broken bone.

Often, falls lead to broken hips. And broken hips can lead to some painful complications.

You might say that you're careful. That you won't fall because you always make sure to use the hand rail on the stairs, or take it slow getting in and out of the bathtub.

But, careful might not be enough...

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