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This month, Better Health News talks about modern medical miracles.

First, the war on prostate cancer could be about to swing in our favor. A new 'wonder-drug' might just be the key to handling this often lethal disease better.

Then, how long could you survive without breathing? If you're not David Blaine or some other specially trained expert, not too long. But thanks to modern medicine, emergency situations when breathing isn't an option may not be a one-way ticket to damage or death any longer.

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This Month
Prostate Cancer Medical Breakthrough
How to Stay Alive Without Breathing

Prostate Cancer Medical Breakthrough



Anyone who struggles with cancer knows what a pleasing word hope can be, especially for those living with advanced stages of the disease.

Now, men living with prostate cancer—and the people who love them—have a new hope in this all-too-common medical battle. A trial to test an advanced prostate cancer drug recently proved so effective that researchers stopped the study. They had enough information, and they wanted to extend the treatment to all participating patients.


The Story of Renewed Hope for Prostate Cancer Sufferers


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How to Stay Alive Without Breathing


It’s a horror story millions experience every year. A loved one or a close friend has breathing problems and chest pain.

It's time for a frantic 911 call. Without breathing, there's not much time.

The ambulance crew arrives. On the way to the hospital, things go from bad to worse.

Breathing stops.

For 12 minutes. Well beyond the usual 3 minute limit.

But, your loved one lives. There's no brain damage or other effects of oxygen deprivation. And there's no tube feeding air to the lungs. In fact, the lungs don't move for the entire 12 minutes.

While this might sound like science fiction, scientists today are pushing the boundaries when it comes to living without breathing.


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