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Improper Use of Pharmaceuticals in Children

Sleeping Child

A study that was recently conducted reveals that children are being given medication for no apparent therapeutic use. Over a thousand reports from the US National Poison Data System were studied to prove the horrific act being committed. These reports range from the year 2000- 2008, and also show an increase of improper use of pharmaceuticals over the years.

Most of the children who suffered from this were younger than seven years and concentrated around two years of age. Being of such a small age also put these children at great risk. Being given pharmaceuticals when the children should not have been given them had a drastic effect on their future. Many faced death or serious health complications.

In addition to pharmaceuticals, ethanol which is an alcohol was also a part of the study and was recognized as a substance that is very commonly misused. Ethanol is readily available in the United States and easy to get a hold of.

Giving drugs to children without a doctor’s consent is not considered child abuse by many people. However, it probably should be. Many people intentionally give pharmaceuticals to children with the intention to harm them. Is that really any better than beating a child?

However, there are also parents who give their child pharmaceuticals so that their child goes to sleep, cries less, and becomes less bothersome. These parents usually don’t realize that doing this will have catastrophic impacts on their child, until it is too late.

Despite the parent not wanting to bring harm to their child, is it still not their fault for being a lazy and irresponsible parent in the first place? I mean, how much can u care about your child if you give him/her a sedative so that they are out of your way? This is a matter of opinion.

Due to the increase of unacceptable administration of pharmaceuticals over the years, clinicians are on the lookout. This is a serious issue and action needs to be taken.

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The Most Common Misconceptions About Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis MisconceptionsOsteoporosis is a serious disease that affects the skeletal system of the body. Osteoporosis has a substantial effect on the body as it weakens bones tremendously. As a result, fractures become quite common. Osteoporosis can be affecting a person without the person even knowing. A decrease in bone density occurs with no symptoms. A bone density test must be performed in order to diagnose osteoporosis.

Many people think that Osteoporosis is an unavoidable part of life that will occur as one ages. However, this is not entirely true. Although, it is true that Osteoporosis tends to affect older people (approximately those over 50) than anyone younger.  Eating well balanced meals, taking multivitamins, and committing to regular exercise can be enough to make the difference and thus avoid Osteoporosis.

In addition, many men think that they are off the hook when it comes to Osteoporosis. Not true! In fact, men over the age of 50 have a 1 in 5 chance of developing Osteoporosis. Women are at even greater risk with 1 in 3 women over 50 developing Osteoporosis. The bottom line is that it is not just a disease that affects women. If men do not take the necessary measures to ensure healthy living, they too can suffer from Osteoporosis.

As we talk about people being off the hook… Many young men and women do not even think of Osteoporosis as a prospect disease. It is important to sustain healthy living at a young age in order to avoid health problems in the future. Most people have at least 90% of their bone mass by the age of 20. This is why it would be extremely beneficial in the long run if one exercised regularly and ate healthy foods.

Osteoporosis can have a large impact on one’s life. Those affected often display low self esteem, a lack of independence, and an overall lower quality of life.  It is best to get a bone density test done as you age in order to diagnose Osteoporosis. Do not forget though that osteoporosis can affect anyone of any age. Do not take Osteoporosis lightly. It is a very serious disease.

If you are suffering from symptoms of Osteoporosis, ask your Doctor about these medications: Fosamax, Actonel, Boniva.

Medical Bills Leading to Bankruptcy

Expensive Medical Bills It has been found that more than 60% of all bankruptcies in the United States are caused by medical bills. This may be surprising to some Americans, but those that have gone through it know how easily this can happen.

The cost of getting an illness, which one has no control over, is immensely high. An average American with a good job and home can start to plummet if he/ she were to get an illness. An important member of the study says, “Unless you’re Bill Gates, you’re just one illness away from bankruptcy.”

Of the 60% of people suffering from bankruptcy, approximately 75% of them had had health insurance. The cost of treatment is just too high! For example, a medical bill for heart disease can be as high as $22 000. It was also found that of the approximate 60% of people in debt, 92% of them have debt over $5000.  In addition, this study does not include the numerous people who are on the verge of bankruptcy and are trying to live in the situation they are in.
If this issue were to be looked at from a different angle, then it is also important to acknowledge that drug and alcohol addiction are considered medical conditions. It is pretty controversial to form an opinion on whether drug and alcohol condition should be included in this study. Doesn’t it just make the study less accurate? If these two conditions were to be removed from the study the approximate percentage of bankruptcies caused by medical bills would decrease by quite a bit.

In addition, the study makes one believe that the cost of health care in the United States alone is responsible for making people bankrupt. However, when a person gets an illness or injury, especially a long term one it can lead to a loss of employment. Therefore, the income that was once available is not.

Overall, the health care system in the United States needs to be improved. The current government understands the issue at hand and President Obama is working towards creating a better health care system.

What's Causing Your Knee Pain?

Many people, especially as they age, experience pain in their knee(s). Most people try to ignore it at first and do not think much of the pain. However, there could be a number of reasons as to why one’s knee is in pain. This is why diagnosis is extremely importanKnee Paint. Quite frequently, the reason for the pain is Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis that is responsible for the breaking down of cartilage in joints.

Once the cartilage between joints is destroyed, it leaves the joints bare. The joints then rub against each other. As the joints rub against one another it causes a lot of pain, and leads to stiffness of the joints. The pain and stiffness make moving around much more difficult. It is important to not ignore the pain. The longer the knee is neglected the more the problem will develop.

Some symptoms to watch out for include: swelling, stiffness, constant pain, and decreased coordination. These symptoms could all be a result of Osteoarthritis. The symptoms mentioned affect the movement of a person in general. When suffering from all these symptoms, moving around becomes increasingly difficult and a person is thus limited.

Osteoarthritis usually occurs in women but it can also affect men. In general, people of older age (approximately 50 and over) tend to develop Osteoarthritis in comparison to someone younger who would have a much lower chance of being affected by this condition. As well, people with a high BMI (Body Mass Index), for example people suffering from obesity, are also at a high risk of developing Osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis of the knee can be treated. It is important, however, to contact a doctor as soon as possible if you are experiencing pain in your knee. If the reason is Osteoarthritis, it will be a lot easier to treat in its early stages in comparison to over time when the condition will have further developed. The treatment will aid in reducing pain and maintaining a “normal” lifestyle. Some medications that can help in treatment of osteoarthritis include Synvisc, Synvisc One, Orthovisc, Hyalgan and Euflexxa.