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About Candrugstore - drugs from Canada

Since opening our business in 2002, we have filled over 1,000,000 prescriptions. CanDrugStore works with our affiliated registered pharmacists in Canada and around the world. These products can be purchased through our website at prices up to 80% less than what customers might pay in their country.

CanDrugstore is located in Vancouver, British Columbia on Canada's west coast (approximately 2 hours north of Seattle).

Our special services

In addition to the highest standards and the lowest prices, CanDrugstore believes in going that extra mile for customers with special services such as our Refill Reminder Program, which ensures your medications are always there when you need them. We also believe in rewarding you when you refer your friends to our site through our Refer-a-Friend Program.

Refer a Friend to Canadian Pharmacies
$15 FOR YOU,

Refer your friends, relatives, colleagues or neighbors and inform them of the savings we offer.

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Reminder refill program

Make sure your medications get refilled with our reminder refill program.

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