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Buy Dicyclomine (the Generic Alternative for Bentyl)

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Bentyl Uses 

This medication is an anticholinergic drug that targets the activity in the gut area. It is used to treat diseases like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diverticulitis, colic, and overactive bladder. Dicyclomine is the Bentyl generic name. 

This medication can help relieve symptoms affecting the muscles and intestines, such as spasms and cramping.

How does Bentyl work? 

The parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) releases a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is the chemical messenger responsible for causing stomach discomfort because it is the one controlling the muscular contractions.  

When this drug is administered correctly and absorbed into the bloodstream, this medicine works as an antispasmodic agent. It is responsible for preventing the chemical action of acetylcholine that transfers signals to specific cells from reaching the smooth muscles that affect how the body functions.  

As a result, this drug helps relax the smooth muscles in the stomach, relieving contractions, cramps, and spasms.

Bentyl Dosage 

The dosage of this medication depends on your condition, age, and tolerance to the pill. The formulation comes in a capsule and tablet in two different strengths: 10 mg and 20 mg. 

The recommended starting dose is Bentyl 20 mg four times a day. The dosage can be gradually increased after one week of starting the therapy to 40 mg if prescribed by your healthcare practitioner. 

Bear in mind not to alter your dosage and frequency unless instructed by your doctor and pharmacist.


Initially, read all guidelines and info thoroughly. Use the medication as recommended and as instructed. If there is anything that you do not understand and confuses you, do not hesitate to seek medical advice from a qualified professional.  

As prescribed, take this medicine orally four times a day. You take it on an empty stomach. Consume the whole pill with a cup of water 

To avoid missing a dosage, take this medication orally at the same time every day. If you ever forget to take your pill, take it as soon as you remember it. If it is already near your next dose, skip the missed dose and return to your regular schedule. Double dosing is discouraged. 

If after two weeks of using dicyclomine does not help improve and worsen your illness, talk to your doctor for other alternatives.

Bentyl Side Effects 

The most commonly reported side effects of using this medication that usually improve over time include and do not require immediate medical attention: 

  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry eyes and mouth
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Abdominal bloating 

Stop taking this drug as soon as possible and notify your doctor immediately if these side effects exacerbate over time and if you develop any of the following adverse reactions: 

  • Irregular heart rate 
  • Decreased sweating 
  • Loss of coordination 
  • Confusion, hallucination
  • Impaired thought process and behavior
  • Nervousness
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Decreased sexual ability
  • Severe constipation
  • Dehydration
  • Speaking and memory problems 

This list does not include all of Bentyl’s potential side effects. Other unwanted outcomes are possible.


Before you start using this medication, it is essential to let your doctor know the following: 

  • Tell your doctor everything you know about your medical history, especially if you have a condition with active bleeding, glaucoma, stomach, liver, kidney, and heart problems, as this can exacerbate your current medical condition. 
  • Inform your doctor about your medications and vitamins to avoid drug interaction. Antacids can decrease the medication’s effectiveness. 
  • If you have a known allergy to dicyclomine, avoid using this drug. When using this medication, keep an eye out for any allergic reactions such as rashes, hives, swelling of the face and lips, throat tightness, or difficulty breathing. When these signs and symptoms appear, you should seek medical help immediately. 
  • This drug can cause dehydration which can lead to heat stroke, be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Suck or chew an ice chip or hard candy to relieve dry mouth and artificial tears or lubricant for dry eyes.
  • Increase your intake of a high fiber diet to reduce constipation. Consult your doctor for additional medicine to relieve the side effects of this drug.
  • This medication can cause dizziness, confusion, or lightheadedness. Avoid activities that require alertness, doing so can prevent accidents.
  • Use caution when using this medication with older adults aged 65 years and above because they are more prone to experience more side effects.
  • Keep this item out of the reach of children and store it somewhere cold and dry.

How much does Bentyl cost? 

Our Bentyl price is very affordable. Check the top of this description to see the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How fast does Bentyl take effect? 

The result varies from person to person, but usually, this medication starts relieving spasms and cramping one to two hours after taking it.

Is it safe to breastfeed while using Bentyl? 

It is discouraged for lactating mothers to use this medication because it can decrease milk production and is not safe for the baby.

Is it safe to drink alcohol while using Bentyl? 

No, alcohol can further worsen your dizziness and drowsiness caused when taking Bentyl.

Can I take Maalox while on Bentyl therapy? 

It is not advisable to combine the two drugs because Maalox is an antacid that can interact with Bentyl and decrease its effectiveness.

When is the most suitable time to take Bentyl? 

As recommended, you should take Bentyl 30 minutes before meals four times a day.

Generic name:



Capsule, Tablet


10mg, 20mg

Quantities Available:

90, 100

Bentyl Generic Costs

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Can Drug Store has provided information from third parties intended to increase awareness and does not contain all the information about Bentyl (Dicyclomine). Talk to your doctor or a qualified medical practitioner for medical attention, advice, or if you have any concerns about Bentyl (Dicyclomine).

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