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Dosage: 500mg
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Glucophage is a prescription medication used to help people with type 2 diabetes manage their blood sugar levels. This also improves the body’s sensitivity to the insulin produced by the pancreas, allowing the body to utilize it more effectively.  

Glucophage generic name is Metformin.

Glucophage Uses:  

  • In individuals with type 2 diabetes, this is taken in conjunction with diet and exercise to enhance blood sugar management and is occasionally used in conjunction with insulin or other drugs. 
  • This is used to reduce liver glucose production, slow down glycemic index glucose absorption, and improve the body’s cell sensitivity in response to insulin.

Glucophage XR vs Glucophage:  

  • Both drugs are used to treat type 2 diabetes.  
  • Glucophage is the immediate-release metformin usually taken twice daily with food. Glucophage XR is the extended-release type and only needs to be taken once daily with food. Side effects are also fewer and effectivity lasts longer than the immediate release form.

Glucophage Dosage:  

Adult Dosage for Type 2 Diabetes: 


  • 500 mg twice a day or 850 mg once a day is the recommended starting dose. 
  • Increase the dose by 500 mg weekly or 850 mg every two weeks as tolerated. 
  • Maintenance dose: 2000 mg per day, split into two doses. 
  • Maximum daily dose: 2550 mg 

Typical Pediatric Diabetes Type 2 Dose: 

10 years and up: 

  • Immediate-release: 
  • 500 mg orally twice a day as a starting dosage 
  • Increase the dose in 500 mg weekly increments as tolerated. 
  • Daily maintenance dose: 2000 mg
  • Maximum daily dose: 2000 mg


  • The dosage of this medication 500mg varies among patients. Physicians may begin therapy with one Metformin 500mg pill, then gradually raise the dose to two Metformin 500mg tablets three times a day. Metformin’s highest suggested dosage is 3g per day, split into three doses (6 tablets of Metformin 500mg daily).  
  • Metformin 500mg should be taken orally in split doses at the same time each day, with plenty of water, during or after a meal.

Side Effects 

Negative effects of Metformin include some of the following: 

  • Blood sugar levels are low; 
  • Sickness, stomach ache; or
  • Diarrhea.


  • If you have a severe renal illness, metabolic acidosis, or diabetic ketoacidosis, you should not use this medication (call your doctor for treatment). 
  • You may need to temporarily stop taking this medication if you need an x-ray or CT scan that requires a dye injection into your veins.

Frequently Asked Questions

-What are Glucophage alternatives? 

A drug known as salicylate works in the same way as metformin and could be a   good alternative for people who can’t take this drug. You should talk to your doctor before taking any other alternatives.

Herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other natural foods and supplements, have similar effects to this drug. These nutrients have a long track record of safety and are a good addition to a balanced diet and regular exercise.

-Can this drug cause weight gain? 

No, it is not known to cause weight gain. 

Generic name:

Metformin, Metformin Hydrochloride




500mg, 850mg, 1000mg

Quantities Available:

84, 100, 168

Glucophage Generic Costs

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Can Drug Store has provided information from third parties intended to increase awareness and does not contain all the information about Glucophage (Metformin). Talk to your doctor or a qualified medical practitioner for medical attention, advice, or if you have any concerns about Glucophage (Metformin).

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