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Formulation : Regular Release Tablet

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Dosage: 250mg
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Dosage: 500mg
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Formulation : Regular Release Tablet

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Keppra is an anticonvulsant medication used to treat and prevent seizures in epileptic adults and children. Momentary gazing, blinking eyes, uttering meaningless words or sentences, or loss of consciousness with twitching or stiffening are all symptoms of seizures. Your doctor may recommend combining this prescription drug with other anticonvulsant medicines, depending on your age and the sort of seizures you’re having. 

Keppra Uses

Keppra medication is used to treat partial-onset seizures, myoclonic seizures, and tonic-clonic seizures in patients who have epilepsy. 

When used to treat partial-onset seizures, it should be taken as follows:

  • Keppra is also used in combination with other seizure drugs to treat tonic-clonic seizures in persons over the age of six and myoclonic seizures in people over the age of twelve. 
  • Keppra XR is prescribed for adults and children aged 12 and above. 
  • Children as young as one month old can take this immediate-release tablet or oral solution.

Keppra Dosage  

Adult and adolescent monotherapy (starting at 16 years old) 

  • After two weeks, the dose was raised to a 500 mg bid. 
  • 250 mg dose every two weeks may be increased. 
  • 1,500 mg bid is the maximum dosage. 

Adult (18 years) and adolescent (12-17 years) add-on treatment 50 kilogram 

  • Initially 500 mg dose, with the possibility of increasing to 1,500 mg bid. 
  • Increase or lower the dose to 500 mg every 2-4 weeks.

Keppra and Alcohol

  • Individuals who take Levetiracetam while also drinking alcohol face the risk of developing several adverse effects, including mood swings and suicidality. When alcohol is coupled with this medication on a regular basis, there may be an increased risk of liver and renal issues.


  • This oral medicine is taken by mouth, with or without meals, at the same time each day. 
  • If you are unable to swallow the pill, you may be given the oral solution or if can’t take the drug by mouth, the injection version might be an option if available.

Keppra Side Effects  

This medication’s potential side effects 

  • Feeling fatigued or weak 
  • Dizzy or drowsiness 
  • Insomnia 
  • Pain in the abdomen 
  • Decreased appetite


  • Some people experience suicidal thoughts when taking this medication for the first time. Any changes in your mood or symptoms should be closely monitored. Your doctor should be informed of any new or worsening symptoms. 
  • Wear a medical alert tag or carry a card with your Levetiracetam prescription on it. You should inform every medical care professional who treats you that you are taking seizure medication. 

Frequently Asked Questions

-What is Keppra Generic?  

The generic drug levetiracetam, marketed under the trade names Keppra and others, is used to treat epilepsy. It’s used to treat partial-onset, myoclonic, or tonic-clonic seizures, and it’s given as an immediate or extended-release tablet or as a vein injection. 

-Can this medication impair my thinking or reaction? 
Levetiracetam has the ability to influence your ideas and actions. Be cautious if you’re driving or doing anything else that requires you to be alert. 

Generic name:



Regular Release Tablet


250mg, 500mg, 750mg, 1000mg

Quantities Available:

60, 90, 100, 120

Keppra Generic Costs

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Can Drug Store has provided information from third parties intended to increase awareness and does not contain all the information about Keppra (Levetiracetam). Talk to your doctor or a qualified medical practitioner for medical attention, advice, or if you have any concerns about Keppra (Levetiracetam).

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