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Evoxac Uses 

Evoxac’s generic name is cevimeline HCl. It is an oral medication that belongs to the cholinergic agonist drug class. It helps stimulate nerves in the exocrine glands to relieve dry mouth and eyes caused by Sjorgen’s syndrome. 

How does Evoxac work? 

Sjorgen’s syndrome is an autoimmune disorder that causes your exocrine glands (salivary and tear glands) to malfunction. As a result, it reduces bodily fluids, which increases the likelihood of visual or dental problems. 

This medication increases cholinergic effects when taken correctly and absorbed into the bloodstream. It imitates the activities of acetylcholine (ACh) that affect the parasympathetic nervous system. 

ACh is a chemical messenger that induces smooth muscle contractions, blood vessel dilation, and reduced heart rate. In addition, ACh causes an increase in fluid secretions, such as saliva, tears, and sweat. As a result, this drug relieves dryness in the eyes and mouth, preventing visual and dental complications.

Evoxac dosage 

Individuals require varying amounts of Evoxac. It typically depends on your need, age, weight, and tolerance to therapy. This drug is available in capsule formulation with a strength of Evoxac 30 mg. 

Evoxac’s dry eyes and mouth recommended starting dose is 30 mg capsule, three times a day or as prescribed by your doctor. Make sure not to exceed the prescribed dosage, as this can increase your likelihood of experiencing side effects.

Directions on how to use Evoxac 

In using this drug, read all directions and information, and take the medication exactly as prescribed. If you have questions about how to use this medication, ask for help from a qualified professional. 

As prescribed, take this drug orally three times a day. You may take this pill with or without regard to food. 

Take this medication regularly to avoid missing a dosage and get the most out of its effects. If you fail to take a pill, take it as soon as you remember. However, if it is nearing your next dose, skip it and proceed to your next scheduled dose. It is important to remember that double dosing is not recommended.

Evoxac side effects 

The most commonly reported side effects of using cevimeline HCl that usually improve over time include: 

  • Sweating 
  • Nausea 
  • Headache 
  • Runny nose
  • Flushing
  • Common cold
  • Diarrhea
  • Weakness 

Immediately contact and seek medical help from your doctor if you suffer any of the following adverse effects: 

  • Dehydration symptoms: confusion, vomiting, dizziness, very little or dark yellow urine, fast heartbeat, rapid breathing, headache, fainting, or lack of energy 
  • Urinary tract infection symptoms: blood in the urine, urinary urgency and frequency, painful urination, fever 
  • Trouble breathing 
  • Vision changes 
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Mood changes 

Note that this is not a complete list of the potential health implications associated with Cevimeline.

Precautions when using Evoxac 

Before starting this therapy, inform your doctor about your health history, especially if you have lung disorders (COPD, bronchitis, asthma, etc.), heart disease, high blood pressure, or kidney or liver problems. Doing this will help your primary care provider determine if this drug is safe for you. 

Do not take this drug if you have a known allergy to cevimeline or other inactive ingredients. Be watchful of allergic reactions (rashes, hives, swelling of the face and lips, throat tightness, or difficulty breathing). If any of the said symptoms occur, call your doctor immediately. 

Do not take this drug if you have untreated asthma, narrow-angle glaucoma, or eye infections to avoid aggravating your condition. 

When taking this drug, dizziness or vision changes may be experienced, especially at night. Avoid doing tasks that entail clear vision and alertness, such as driving or operating machines. 

This drug may cause excessive sweating that can lead to dehydration. Make sure to drink lots of liquids to replenish fluid loss. 

Inform your doctor about your medications, especially if you are using beta-adrenergic antagonist medicines, as this can interact with and enhance the effectiveness of cevimeline. 

Store this medication at 25 degrees Celsius, away from the reach of the children.

How much does Evoxac cost? 

Evoxac is a branded version prescribed for Sjorgen’s syndrome. You can check the price here in our online drugstore. We make sure to supply meds that are of quality with reasonable pricing.

Frequently asked questions 

What is the difference between Evoxac vs Salagen? 

Both of these medications are cholinergic receptor agonists. The former contains cevimeline HCl, while the former has an active ingredient of pilocarpine.  

Evoxac is available in a 30 mg capsule and is typically given three times daily, while Salagen comes in a 5 mg tablet and is given four times daily.

Is Evoxac effective for dry mouth? 

Even though Evoxac for dry mouth is not the first drug of choice, it is suggested for individuals who have not responded to other medications. Make sure to obtain a prescription from your doctor before starting this medication.

Is it safe to consume alcohol while taking Evoxac? 

No, alcohol is a CNS depressant that can lower blood pressure, impair vision, and make you susceptible to dehydration. 

It is advisable to avoid drinking alcohol while taking this medication because it can have an additive effect on the drug.

How fast does it take for Evoxac to work? 

The amount of time one can feel the effects of this prescription drug varies from person to person. It usually depends on how your body responds to the medication.  

However, clinical studies show that you may notice an improvement in your condition after one to two weeks of taking this drug, and it may take six weeks to feel its full benefit. 

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