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Vimovo 375/20mg Drug Information

We feel that you will be completely satisfied with your order of vimovo 375/20mg from Your order should be delivered in the mail within two to four weeks.

Use vimovo 375/20mg exactly as directed by your doctor. If you feel that this medication is not working or if the side effects of this medication outweigh its potential benefits, consult your doctor. Please consult your doctor immediately if you feel that you must discontinue the use of vimovo 375/20mg.

Before using vimovo 375/20mg talk to your doctor if vimovo 375/20mg is right for you. Like other medications, vimovo 375/20mg may cause serious side effects in patients with certain health conditions. To help manage any side effects that occur, you should seek the advice of your pharmacist or doctor.

Do not use vimovo 375/20mg if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in this medication. If you have previously experienced an allergic reaction to prescription medications, creams, lotions, or ointments, talk to your doctor to before using vimovo 375/20mg to see if it right for you.

The generic version of Vimovo is Naproxen/Esomeprazole Magnesium. The generic formulation is as effective as the brand name formulation. A doctor's prescription may be required for the purchase of either Vimovo or Naproxen/Esomeprazole Magnesium.

If you experience any life threatening side effects or symptoms of an allergic reaction such as chest pain, swelling of the tongue, or difficulty breathing, seek emergency medical attention immediately.

As with other medications, vimovo 375/20mg should be kept away from children and pets. Store vimovo 375/20mg in a dark, cool place. Your doctor or pharmacist will provide additional storage information if needed.

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