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Polyethylene glycol (3350) is intended for the treatment of occasional constipation. It operates by retaining water within the stool to soften it, leading to an increase in the frequency of bowel movements. It falls under the classification of osmotic-type laxatives.

This medication is also available over-the-counter. If self-administering, thoroughly review the manufacturer’s instructions.

Uses and Dosage

Polyethylene glycol is available as a powder to be mixed with liquid and taken orally. Take it once a day, as needed, for up to two weeks. Follow the directions on the prescription label and consult a doctor or pharmacist for clarification if necessary.

The use of polyethylene glycol may lead to habit-forming behavior, therefore avoid taking a larger dose, taking it more frequently, or taking it for a longer period of time than prescribed by the doctor.

It may take between two to four days for polyethylene glycol to produce a bowel movement.

Side Effects

Some side effects may occur that usually do not need medical attention:

  • burning, itching, or pain around the anus
  • difficulty with sleeping
  • feeling unusually cold
  • general feeling of discomfort or illness
  • hunger
  • shivering

Inform your healthcare provider immediately if you experience any serious side effects:

  • full or bloated feeling
  • pain in the upper stomach
  • pressure in the stomach
  • stomach pain
  • swelling of the stomach area
  • vomiting


Prior to initiation of treatment with this medication, inform your healthcare provider of any prior allergies, particularly to polyethylene glycol. The medication may contain inactive ingredients that may elicit an allergic reaction or cause other adverse effects.

Provide a comprehensive medical history to your healthcare provider, particularly regarding any past or current gastrointestinal issues such as abdominal pain that persists, bowel obstruction, irritable bowel syndrome, and kidney disease.

Elderly patients should exercise caution when using this medication as they may exhibit increased sensitivity to its side effects, particularly diarrhea.

The use of this medication during pregnancy should only occur when the potential benefits outweigh the risks and should be discussed with your doctor.

Form and Strength

MiraLAX is available in the following forms and strengths:

  • MiraLAX powder
  • polyethylene glycol powder


Is polyethylene glycol 3350 harmful?

Polyethylene glycol 3350 is a nontoxic and highly soluble compound that is minimally absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract.

How fast does polyethylene glycol 3350 work?

It may take 1 or 3 days for this medicine to help you have a bowel movement.


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Additional information

Generic name:

Polyethylene Glycol


Powder for solution



Quantities Available:

119g, 510g

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