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Finasteride is a medication that can be used by adult men to reduce an enlarged prostate, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It can be used alone or in combination with other drugs to alleviate BPH symptoms and potentially decrease the need for surgery.

Finasteride works by reducing the amount of a hormone called DHT, which is responsible for prostate growth, resulting in improved symptoms such as decreased urge to urinate, better urine flow with less effort, reduced feeling of incomplete bladder emptying, and less frequent nighttime urination. Finasteride is not approved for preventing prostate cancer.

Uses and Dosage

Follow your doctor’s instructions and take this medication orally, either with or without food, usually once daily. Use this medication regularly and at the same time every day to obtain the most significant benefit.

It may take six to twelve months to observe noticeable improvement, and you should not stop using it without first consulting with your physician.

Since this medication can be absorbed through the skin and lungs and may cause harm to an unborn baby, pregnant women or women who may become pregnant should avoid handling this medication or inhaling the dust from the tablets as it may result in abnormal sex organ development in an unborn male infant.

If your symptoms do not improve or worsen, notify your doctor promptly.

Side Effects

Some side effects may occur that usually do not need medical attention:

  • inability to have or maintain an erection
  • decreased sexual desire
  • problems with ejaculation (including decreased volume of ejaculate)
  • pain in the testicles
  • depression

Inform your healthcare provider immediately if you experience any serious side effects:

  • changes in the breasts such as increased size, lumps, pain, or nipple discharge
  • rash
  • itching
  • hives
  • swelling of the lips and face
  • difficulty breathing or swallowing


If you have any allergies or sensitivities, inform your doctor or pharmacist before taking finasteride. Inactive ingredients in the medication may cause allergic reactions or other complications.

Before using this medication, inform your doctor or pharmacist about your medical history, especially if you have a history of liver disease, prostate cancer, urinary problems, or infections.

Women should not use finasteride, particularly during pregnancy or while breastfeeding as it may harm an unborn or breastfed baby.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding this medication, consult with your doctor.

Form and Strength

Proscar is available in the following forms and strengths:

  • Proscar tablet:

    • 5mg
  • finasteride tablet:

    • 5mg


How long should you take Proscar?

You will usually take Proscar for a long time. It could be several months or years. Do not stop taking it without talking to your doctor first.

Can Proscar shrink the prostate?

By blocking 5-alpha reductase from working, Proscar lowers the amount of DHT. So, with less DHT around, the prostate shrinks.



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