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Vaniqa Cream

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Rx Prescription Required    RxFormulation : Cream

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This cream is a prescription lotion that is used to reduce facial hair in women. It can only be obtained with the help of a doctor’s prescription. This medicine works by blocking an enzyme that is required for cell division, slowing the pace of facial hair growth. The appearance of facial hair can be reduced over several weeks or months. The effects of stopping this medicine are reversible. Adults and children aged 12 and above can be administered this medicine.  

Vaniqa Cost

The price of this Cream varies based on the strength you choose. When purchasing this drug, you will need a prescription. This medication is available for purchase at at a reasonable price. 

Vaniqa Cream Before and After

  • The Vaniqa therapy produces progressive benefits over four to eight weeks as undesirable facial hair thins and hair growth slows. To keep the results, this medication must be used indefinitely. If there is no improvement after six months of usage, this cream should be stopped. 


  • This cream should be used twice a day, at least 8 hours apart. This medication should only be used on the face and chin. Do not use it on other parts of your body. 
  • Remove any face hair using your preferred hair removal procedure before applying (razor, tweezers, etc). Before using this cream, wait at least 5 minutes. 
  • Hands should be washed before and after using the medication. 
  • Apply a little layer of cream to all affected regions of the face or under the chin and thoroughly massage it in. 
  • Before applying cosmetics or sunscreen to the affected regions, wait until the drug has completely dried. 
  • After using this cream, do not wash the treated areas for at least 4 hours. 

Side Effects of Vaniqa Cream 

The following are some of the most common Vaniqa side effects: 

  • a brief rash, burning, stinging, itching, or tingling sensation; 
  • Acne or pimples on the skin that are red in color; 
  • skin dehydration; or 
  • Headache. 


  • Even if you don’t notice the results right away, keep using this cream. 
  • The amount of facial hair that grows back is progressively reduced. Improvement can be evident as soon as 4 to 8 weeks after starting therapy, however it may take longer for some people. 
  • After 6 months of treatment, if there has been no progress, the treatment should be stopped. Hair growth may recover to pre-treatment levels 8 weeks after therapy has been stopped. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

-What is Vaniqa Generic?  

Flora is a generic version of Vaniqa Eflornithine lotion, which is just as efficient at reducing facial hair development in women. Keep in mind that neither Eflora nor the generic version completely removes hair. 

-What are Vaniqa Alternatives?  

You can use Vaniqa to reduce facial hair growth and enhance the look of your face. Eflora cream, which acts similarly to Vaniqa and decreases the growth of facial hair in women, is the greatest alternative to this cream. Improvement is slow with both topical treatments containing Eflornithine. 

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