10 Cures For Hiccups

Hiccups can be embarrassing and annoying when they happen in public. Rather than plugging your nose or waiting for it to stop, there are other ways to stop your hiccupping without being noticed.

1. Reflexology – Squeeze the ball between your thumb and forefinger on your left hand. The pain should be a distraction to your nervous system and therefore end your hiccups.

2. Empty your lungs – Expel all the air out of your lungs in one deep exhale. When your lungs feel empty, breathe deeply and steadily until the hiccups disappear (which should be in less than 60 seconds if done correctly).

3. Concentrate – Irritation of your diaphragm, or your brain thinking your diaphragm is irritated, causes hiccups. Your brain tells your diaphragm to move up and down to cure this. Thus, concentrating very hard on your diaphragms movement is said to cure your hiccups.

4. Plug your ears – Try to leave the public area (the classic restroom excuse) and then put your fingers in your ears for half a minute or press on the soft spot behind your ears. These spots are connected to the vagus nerve which is connected to the diaphragm area.

5. Stick out your tongue – Get away from the public eye and stick out your tongue. This stimulates the vocal chords to open and lets you breathe more slowly.

6. Drink! – A reason to order another drink. Take many quick sips from a glass. These metrical contractions of the esophagus help calm the diaphragm.

7. Suck a lemon – The surprise of a sour something can stop your hiccups. Invest in a sour candy to keep with you at all times and protect yourself from the embarrassment of hiccups.

8. Vinegar – Vinegar may be good for food, for cleaning, but hiccups? Swallow a teaspoon of cider vinegar and your hiccups will disappear.

9. Kiss – A long, passionate kiss can rid of your hiccups. Just choose the right partner.

10. Ice cream – The chill of ice cream, swallowed steadily, calms the diaphragm and cures hiccups, and is a nice treat.

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