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13 Year Old Girl Self Aborts In Home

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The ever controversial abortion debate has once again been brought forth. A 13 year old girl from Pennsylvania used a pencil to perform a self-abortion. She became very sick during the procedure and delivered the child in her home.

To make matters much, much worse, she was apparently participating in a sexual relationship for one year with a man named Michael James Lisk, who happens to be 30. So far, it is believed that Lisk came to the young girl’s house after the abortion and buried the child in the woods. Police would later discover the body after the girl gave information about Lisk while being treated at the hospital.

What happened to this girl was horrible and I believe that Lisk should be made an example of. Preying on a child like that is completely unforgivable and wrong. He is obviously a very disturbed man and belongs behind bars.

However, while almost everyone can agree with putting Lisk in jail, the sides are divided on abortion laws. Should abortion be legal and how easy should it be for person to get an abortion. Pro-choice activists are arguing that if the girl was able to receive an abortion (Pennsylvania requires parental consent for abortions) then she could have avoided the near-death experience. However, I doubt either side will change their position on the continuing debate.

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