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Month: August 2010

Lead By Example and Get Your Kids Active

What many of today’s parents seem to forget is that they have to lead by example when it comes to getting their kids active. Even if your kid refuses to admit it, they look to their parents as role models and base a lot of their behavior after what they see and hear. Parents need to start going outside and making exercise fun for children again.

Prenatal Exposure to Pesticides = Higher Risk of ADHD

In a recent study it was found that pregnant women who are greatly exposed to pesticides will have children with a higher risk of developing ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a condition involving the nervous system and has symptoms such as inattention, restlessness, and impulsiveness. Other symptoms of ADHD include: the inability to pay …

Prenatal Exposure to Pesticides = Higher Risk of ADHD Read More »

Health Concern over BPA Exposure

Recent concern has arisen over the effects of prolonged exposure to BPA, after a cross-sectional study revealed that those with high BPA exposure have an increased the risk of heart disease and diabetes, while another study links BPA to liver damage and hormonal interference leading to obesity.

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