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4 Things to Remember When Purchasing Prescription Medications

4 things to remember when purchasing Prescription Medications

It is important that safety measures are taken when dealing with prescription medications because they are usually stronger forms of medicines meant to be used very precisely. Furthermore your doctor writes you a very specific prescription which needs to be filled out very accurately in order for you to receive the correct medication.

As a patient, there are four simple steps you can take to ensure that receiving prescription medication is a safe experience:

  1. Make sure that your entire medical history is accurate and both your pharmacist and family physician have access to the exact same information.
  2. Inquire about storage techniques for your medication. This is vital because certain medications are sensitive to heat or cold, which causes the drugs to lose effectiveness.
  3. Make sure that you receive a syringe or a measuring cup if you are purchasing liquid medication. It is not a good idea to take an approximate amount with household utensils, as even small changes in some dosage can have serious side effects.
  4. If there are children in your household, make sure that medications are kept out of their reach. Ask for child-resistant lids for all bottles of medication to reduce the danger risk. Do not be afraid to ask the pharmacist any additional questions. Their job is to counsel you on how to use these medications and it is highly important that you are well informed on how to use your medication safely.
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