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5 Foods that Help Build Muscle

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Many of us strive to reach the look of some of our favorite celebrities, but very few ever achieve that goal. We try new, sometimes unhealthy or even downright dangerous diets, in order to look like the people often seen in magazines and on television.

However, this is often impossible, as people in magazines often have their pictures changed digitally and we have to go to work in order to support ourselves and our families. While getting rock hard celebrity abs isn’t always possible, there are certain foods you can eat that will help you build muscle faster.

  1. Eggs – A great source of protein can be found in eggs. Not to mention, there are vitamins and nutrients in eggs that help you stay healthy.
  2. Salmon – Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in great supply in salmon. The protein and omega 3 fatty acids will help build muscle and speed up your recovery time.
  3. Almonds – Almonds help prevent free radical damage after you workout which means your muscles should recover faster. Almonds are a great way to help you build muscle because they’re a great snack food and you can just throw them into a zip lock bag and take them just about anywhere with you.
  4. Beef – Probably the most well known source of protein is beef. Beef also contain iron and zinc and help supply energy for your body. Try to look for lean cuts of meat in order to cut down calories.
  5. Water – Considering the majority of your body is made out of water, it makes sense that staying hydrated will help build muscle. If your body is hydrated properly, the process of building muscle, protein synthesis, will occur much more quickly than if you were dehydrated.

The one thing to remember is to always take things in moderation. Having too much or too little of something can actually have negative effects on the body. Try to always eat a balanced and healthy diet in order to keep your body strong. Physical exercise is also key to building muscle. You have to get out there and lift some weights, go on runs, etc in order to actually use these foods. Without exercise you’re just putting more calories into your body without every using the energy they give you.

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