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Alcohols Effect on Unborn Babies

Most people know that drinking alcohol while pregnant is extremely harmful to the baby. However, do you know exactly what alcohol can do to your child? Well truth is, many people don’t and even though most women try to avoid alcohol when they become pregnant, some will consume alcohol before they are aware they have become pregnant.

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy is the leading cause of preventable birth defects and developmental difficulties in children. Some growth deficits include: mental retardation, heart, lung, and kidney defects, specific facial characteristics, hyperactivity and behavior problems, attention and memory problems, and learning disabilities.

The most horrific part about all the defects is, if they are caused by alcohol, they can be totally avoided. Many people need to really be aware of what they could possibly be doing. Now I’m not saying don’t ever drink alcohol, but if you are trying to become pregnant, might have accidentally become pregnant, or are in the prime child bearing years pay attention.

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