Breakthrough In Stem Cell Research Shows Tremendous Promise

Canadian researches have now discovered isolated stem cells inside umbilical cords. They have also conducted experiments that have shown the regenerative abilities that these cells could be used for.

For those that do not know, stem cells are certain cells that are able to change and become any cell in the body. However, while we age the supply of stem cells found within our bodies starts to decrease quite significantly.

These new stem cells may be one of the greatest discoveries of all human history. With stem cells, we could be able to heal every single type of injury possible. Imagine, a heart so damaged that normally the patient would not be able to survive, but with stem cells that heart could be saved. With enough research, we may be able to regrow limbs that have been amputated or damaged. Also, there will not be any rejection from the body because of the stem cells changing to match the requirements of a single person. Stem cells provide a new hope for those that live with any sort or disabilities or health concerns.

Possibly the most significant part of this find is that these stem cells have been found in the umbilical cord. Previously stem cell research required the stem cells from human fetuses. This has led to a great deal of debate over the research, dividing people into two groups. One side argues that abortions (where the majority of the fetuses come from) are just wrong in general and stem cell research will increase abortions. However, the other group argues that the positives of stem cell research are too significant to be just thrown away. Yet, with this new discovery of isolated stem cells in the umbilical cord, no moral, or ethical questions are needed. No life needs to be sacrificed to produce these cells, in fact life needs to be created for these cells.

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