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What is Diabetes and What Causes It?

What is Diabetes and what causes it

Diabetes affects approximately 29 million American and 8 million of that total are unaware that they have this disease. Diabetes is a group of disorders that occur through high blood glucose levels. There are two types of diabetes: Type 1 caused by the body’s inability to make insulin, and Type 2 as a result of the body’s inability to react to insulin. In the human body, the pancreas is responsible for producing the hormone insulin. This hormone is responsible for regulating the transport of sugars that have been broken down so the body is able to absorb them. When cells are unable to react to insulin effectively, it usually means that a person is going through insulin resistance. People with Type 2 Diabetes experience this problem in large magnitudes.

There are numerous reasons by which a person could be diagnosed with this condition. For instance, mutated or defected DNA could be the cause that the cells are not able to produce or stimulate the release of insulin. Also, obesity is another major reason for Type 2 diabetes. Consumption of foods that are highly processed and have large amounts of carbohydrates causes multiple spikes in blood sugar levels. This adds pressure on the body to use insulin to control sugar in blood levels. The links between obesity and diabetes is well-documented; it has been recorded that “90% of people living with type 2 diabetes are overweight or [obese]” [1].

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