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“Don’t Worry Be Happy” – 4 Ways to Help You Stay Happy This Winter

Winter tends to bring darkness, cold weather, and cause many people to become emotional wrecks. Some people suffer from frequent depression, others from seasonal depression, and everyone else just seems to get in a bad mood when there’s less light out. However, there are some things everyone can do to make them feel happier.

1. Listen to Some Music – Music has a very wide range of abilities, from getting us pumped up for the big game, or calming us down so we can relax after a hard day of work. When we listen to music, endorphins are released causing that sort of happy feeling we get from sex or food.

2. Laugh
– When you’re in a rather foul mood laughing can sometimes be hard. However, laughing is one of the best things to cheer you up. Try inviting a group of your friends over to watch a funny movie. The chances you’ll laugh increase significantly when you’re with others than when you’re alone. Laughing not only triggers endorphins, making you happier, but reduces specific stress hormones, and strengthens your immune system.

3. List the Things You’re Thankful For – It may seem kind of weird, but occasionally when you’re in a bad mood try writing down a few things you’re thankful for. This may help put things into perspective for you, and help you really see how lucky you are. However, don’t try this too often as it will lose its effectiveness over time. Additionally, it might not work for everyone, but it certainly couldn’t hurt to try.

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