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Get Longer, Fuller, Healthier Lashes!

If there’s one thing that women love to have, it’s longer, fuller, thicker and more beautiful eyelashes. There’s something sexy about eyelashes that can never be explained, and when it comes to lashes, the fuller the better.
For those who weren’t born with goddess like lashes, there’s a product by Dr. Lin called New MD Lash Factor that will enhance the appearance, thickness, and length of eyelashes.

Enhancing products have been extensively marketed to increase the thickness and size of eyelashes. The first generation of these products contained chemicals that were unsafe and caused many negative side effects. However, New MD Lash Factor, does not contain the harmful medications that previous eyelash conditioners had. Because of this, New MD Lash Factor can be purchased without a prescription.

After a one month study, 12 patients had successful results. In just one month of daily use, the average eyelash size of the patients increased by 1.73mm (48% average increase) and all patients reported that their eyelashes were fuller and thicker. There were also no reported side effects of using the product!

New MD Lash Factor is the perfect solution for women who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their eyelashes. The conditioner comes in a bottle similar to mascara topped with a fine brush. The conditioner is to be applied along the base of the lashes once a day. One month of use is necessary for best results, however many users found that the conditioner made a difference after one week. New MD Lash Factor is also safe to use on eyebrows. Use it on your eyebrows in sparse areas to improve their appearance as well!

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