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H1N1 Vaccine

By now the initial scare of H1N1 is over, for the most part. Many are still worrying about the potential of another onslaught of the flu, but not to the same level as before. A vaccine has been made, but now people are skeptical of the vaccine. Should they get it or wait?

Many that are choosing to avoid the vaccine are skeptical of a few things. They are unsure of whether or not the vaccine really works and with so little time in development, what are the possible side effects. Also, do we really even need a vaccine, especially considering that swine flu kills less people than regular swine flu.

However, those that are receiving the vaccine are taking the “better safe than sorry” philosophy. Even though swine flu didn’t end up killing millions, many people are scared to shake hands in fears of getting the flu. And just because swine flu doesn’t have a death count like seasonal flu doesn’t mean that it is completely harmless. Swine flu is potentially fatal and those worried about becoming another added to the death toll are putting their faith into science and going with the vaccine.

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