How Habitrol can help you stop smoking.

Habitrol is used as an aid to stop smoking. Each adhesive patch contains a specific amount of nicotine which is steadily released through your skin, and into your bloodstream, keeping a constant low level of nicotine in your body. Using a controlled amount of Habitrol helps reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms when you are trying to quit smoking.


Do not smoke, chew, or sniff any form of tobacco while using this medicine.

Careful consideration should be given when using this medicine in people with heart disease, peptic ulcer, hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, renal and hepatic insufficiency. If these people continue to smoke while using Habitrol, excessive nicotine levels could be produced that can exacerbate pre-existing diseases and can cause serious adverse reactions.

Keep Habitrol out of the reach of children and pets. Even used patches have enough nicotine to poison children and pets.

Before using Habitrol tell your doctor if you have/are:

  • heart disease, an irregular heartbeat
  • high blood pressure or chest pain
  • jaw disease, an overactive thyroid
  • diabetes, pheochromocytoma
  • liver or kidney disease
  • a stomach ulcer
  • asthma or chronic pulmonary disease
  • pregnant or planning to get pregnant or are breast feeding

How to use Habitrol

This medicine is to help in the stopping of smoking by reducing the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. Stop smoking or using any tobacco products completely when you begin using this medicine even when you are not wearing the patch. Remove the patch at bedtime to avoid having vivid dreams or other sleep disturbances. Stop using this medicine if skin redness caused by the patch does not go away after 4 days. Apply the patch at the same time every day. Place the patch in a different area every day. Place the patch on a healthy, clean, dry and hairless piece of skin on the upper arm or hip. Press firmly and count to 10 when applying to ensure good adhesion. Do not keep on the skin for longer than 16 hours. The patch can get wet as long as it is firmly in place.

You may need to seek additional medical help to stop smoking. The stopping of smoking does not happen overnight. The stopping of smoking does not happen overnight. Stop using this medicine if any of the following occurs: Mouth, teeth, or jaw problems; pounding in the chest; nausea; vomiting; dizziness; weakness. This medicine may cause dizziness; patients should observe caution while driving or performing other tasks requiring alertness, coordination, or physical dexterity. This product should be used as a larger part of a program to help you quit smoking. If you need help finding a program, talk with your health care provider.

Habitrol side effects

  • nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness
  • skin redness, rash, swelling, pounding in the chest
  • abnormal dreaming, allergic reactions, back pain
  • chest pain, constipation, cough, diarrhea, dry mouth
  • headache, impaired concentration, indigestion
  • inflammation of sinuses, menstrual irregularities
  • sleeplessness, sore throat, stomach pain, sweating

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