International Canadian Pharmacies Offer Relief to Americans Struggling with Increased Medicare Part D Premiums and Co-Pays, Says

Despite decimated retirement accounts, Medicare Part D premiums in 2009 are up to 25% higher, and the rules say it’s too late to change Part D plans.

Vancouver, B.C. February 10, 2009 — Despite the economic crisis that hit in 2008, premiums under Medicare Part D escalated an average of 25 percent in 2009. What’s more, if beneficiaries haven’t switched to a plan with lower premiums by now, they are trapped, notes

Mary Pitt, a septuagenarian Kansan and self-employed political writer, describes the plight of the American senior in her Whaddaya gonna do? article.

“Your one source of income has become the Social Security check that appears in your bank account on a monthly basis. Finally you are notified that this amount will be increased by a bit more than you have received in the past. But then you learn that the ‘premium’ for your Medicare Part B has increased to $96.40 a month and the ‘premium’ for your Medicare part D has increased to $87.70 leaving you an increase of a whole $40 with only a few dollars over a thousand to pay all the expenses necessary to your continued existence.”

“When you go to the pharmacy to have your prescriptions re-filled, you learn that the insurance company has increased the ‘co-payment’ by $10 on each medication. If you take four medicines, there goes your $40 a month net increase! Right into the gaping maw of an insurance company’s bank account.”

Medicare Part D donut hole catches seniors by surprise

The donut hole–that period of time when patients must pay 100% of their drug costs–can creep up sooner than they realize. It’s early in the year, and beneficiaries are paying $295 deductible and 25% of total drug costs. But, when $2,700 in total drug costs is reached, including the yearly deductible and co-pay amounts, they are in the donut hole.

To stave off the donut hole, some Americans are turning to reputable, Canadian-owned pharmacies, such as, where they can save as much as 70% on medications that are higher priced in the US. This cost-saving practice extends the benefits of their Medicare Part D plan, and keeps them out of the donut hole longer.

Buying drugs from online pharmacies gets nod in Obama Healthcare Reform Plan

Also known as “drug importation,” the practice of buying drugs online was forbidden by the Bush administration, but it is actually endorsed under the Obama Healthcare Reform Plan, provided “the drugs are safe and the prices are lower outside the U.S.”

Canada has some of the strictest pharmaceutical standards in the world. Not only do patients save up to 70% with CIPA-certified international pharmacies, but they can rest assured that they’re getting medications that are also 100% safe.

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