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Lead By Example and Get Your Kids Active

Get your kids active

I still remember when I was younger, I used to play outside with my friends until the streetlights came on, and even then we sometimes stayed out even later. I used to and still do love hockey, and I remember when my dad taught me the power of the slap shot. What many of today’s parents seem to forget is that they have to lead by example when it comes to getting their kids active. Even if your kid refuses to admit it, they look to their parents as role models and base a lot of their behavior after what they see and hear. Parents need to start going outside and making exercise fun for children again.

It may seem like a lot of work sometimes, but part of being a parent is spending time with your child or children. Simply going outside and teaching your kid how to ride a bike can be extremely beneficial. You get some quality bonding time in with your child, and you teach your child the importance of physical exercise. Maybe one day, you can take your kid on a day trip to go biking. If you’re not too into biking, go toss a ball around in the backyard. Your child will quickly pick up that sports, and exercising for that matter, can be really fun. This is a crucial first step in ensuring your child can maintain his or her health further on into the future.

Next time you’re sitting at home and see your kid has been sitting inside for hours playing on the X-Box or sitting at the computer, ask them to come outside and throw that baseball around. Your child is guaranteed to benefit from the activity and you may just establish a closer relationship with your son or daughter.

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