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The Link Between Seasonal Allergies and Depression

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Seasonal allergies are bad enough with their physical symptoms but it doesn’t stop there. Research shows that seasonal allergies and depression are linked. The link has been enforced with research done by many doctors and even by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. This explains why the suicide rate increases during the spring, and why so many of us become depressed during the allergy season.

What happens is our immune system is weakened by the allergies and our immune system has a link to our mental state of mind. When we have an weakened immune system so is our mental state of mind. Also women are more likely to become depressed due to their allergies and men are more likely to have anxiety-type disorders from their allergies.

Since the connection between the two is so strong the only way to ride oneself of depression is allergy elimination. Of course that is almost impossible the best that can be done is to reduce the amount of pollen one is exposed to and take the right medications to relive your symptoms that lead to depression. The best ways to reduce your exposure is to avoid going out during the time of day when you’re allergy pollen count is highest, clean your house and clothes and have a air filter at home. The best medications to relieve your symptoms are Claritin, Reactine and Allegra.

Remember there are different types of depressions and just because you have allergies doesn’t necessarily mean you’re depressed or the other way around. Depression is generally described as a powerful feeling of sadness and hopelessness. So before you go telling your doctor you are depressed, really consider if you’re just annoyed with the symptoms or truly depressed. If you are experiencing depression it is critical that you not only take the mention steps to reduce your exposure to allergies and take the right medication to suppress your symptoms, but also see a doctor about your depression.

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