Lose Weight by Drinking Water

Lose weight by drinking water

A recent study conducted in Virginia claims that drinking water before meals can actually aid in losing weight. It was found that if a person drinks two glasses of water before each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) they will lose approximately five pounds more than someone who did not use this technique when dieting.

Water is essential for the body. Drinking it is not only beneficial for dieters but also for people looking to maintain their current condition. For those looking to establish a healthy meal plan water acts as a great substitute for all those sugar packed drinks. Not only does water make a person feel fuller but also does not have any calories. Unlike your sugary drinks which will make you crave more, water will actually quench your thirst.

Forty-eight people from the ages of fifty-five to seventy-five were observed for a period of twelve weeks. The forty-eight people were split into groups of two. One drank two glasses of water before each meal and the other did not. All other factors were controlled and as similar to each other as possible.

The result of this was that the group of people that did not drink water before meals lost an average of eleven pounds whereas the others lost an average of fifteen and a half pounds. This is quite a significant difference in comparison o the small change that was made- water consumption.

It is important to remember that even though drinking water can help lose weight. Drinking too much water can lead to very serious health conditions or even death.


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