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Medical Aid Needed In Haiti

After the massive 7.0-magnitude earthquake (the worst in Haiti in two centuries) struck Haiti, the country has been in a panic. Many are dead as a result of the damage caused and many more are missing. Many people are attempting to contact loved ones with little success. People are afraid to sleep in buildings in fear of them collapsing. Instead, some people have chosen to sleep among the dead, a very disturbing sight for anyone to witness.

The damage in Haiti is very severe and much aid is required. Many countries have begun sending medical supplies and personnel to Haiti, but due to poor infrastructure, proper distribution of aid is difficult.

The global effort to help Haiti is certainly helping, but everyone needs to chip in. Send blankets, clothes, cash donations, all will help. If every person in America sent $1, there would be $300 million of aid we could send.

Money can be used to purchase medicines and the cost for temporary shelters and medical centers. Without proper treatment, and a safe place to stay, the already high death toll, which has been estimated to be near 50,000 and rising, will continue to climb to devastating heights.

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