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How to Get Cheaper Medication with a Paper Prescription

How to Get Cheaper Medication with a Paper Prescription

It has become a mandatory practice in Florida that all prescriptions be sent electronically to the pharmacy; those who do not comply are assessed fines.  E-prescribing, or electronic prescribing, is a method that minimizes medication errors, reduces prescription theft and decreases the risk of forgery.  However, along with the many benefits of electronic prescribing, we must also pay attention to the limitations of this process.

E-prescribing restricts a patient’s freedom of choice and access to affordable medication.  Patients with a lower income need to have a prescription in hand to shop around for the lowest price at local pharmacies or send to international online pharmacies.

So what can you do to get a valid paper prescription to help in your search for the lowest prescription drug prices? Just let your healthcare provider know that the law is on your side.  You can explain that your choice of pharmacy is based on cost of the medication, which requires a paper prescription.  After all, Florida law states “electronic prescribing shall not interfere with a patient’s freedom to choose a pharmacy.”

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