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Reduce Allergy Symptoms

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Spring has finally arrived and although for most it’s their favorite season, for others it’s allergy season. According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases (NIAID), about 20% of people who have seasonal allergies do not receive enough relief with medications such as antihistamines or over the counter drugs. Over the counter drugs for allergies are great when the allergies are mild however, they are less effective when the symptoms are moderate or severe. According to Anthony Fauci, who is director of the NIAID, people with moderate to severe allergies tend to benefit more from allergy shots due to their immune system being more tolerant to the allergen. Some great ways to prevent allergies from occurring are:

Pollen: Make sure to wash your hair or skin before going to bed to get rid of any potential allergens stuck to your hair or skin. Also avoid going outside on a windy or dry day and try to avoid opening windows as allergens can easily get into the house.
Mold: You can reduce the amount of mold in the house by cleaning shower curtains or cleaning around areas that are damp or dry rot. By opening doors and turning on fans, it allows air movement to help prevent mold.
Dust: Remove drapes, feather pillows or upholstered furniture to lessen dust. These items tend to accumulate the most dust. It is also best to remove any non-washable items because they are prone to collecting dust.

By following these simple steps, it may be possible to help reduce or find relief from bothersome allergy symptoms and get back to enjoying spring time.

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