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Sleep: The Big Factor

Most students when they move to go live in dorms at University start getting less and less sleep. Obviously this is a very large problem for many students, not just for grades, but for their health too.

Student life on campus can be very hectic, very busy, and very fun. All of this is true, but you have to learn how to balance. Sleep deprivation is a very troubling problem almost all students living on campus face. Sleep deprivation can make students more likely to develop depression, become very irritable, and worsen existing conditions such as diabetes, chronic fatigue and even asthma.

Many of the students start to see a drop in marks. This can be attributed partially due to the higher expectations, but zoning out during class, and being too worn out to study can play a big part. Students should try to go to sleep before midnight whenever they have class the next morning. If they want to stay up and party, they should try and plan it when they have a day off after a night of partying.

Some of the kids, well maybe not kids anymore, but adults now, actually start skipping class because of their need for sleep. This will show a significant drop in grades at the least. Most that continue to skip class will see themselves getting set up for a failing grade in their course.
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