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Strange Cases in Medicine – Exploding Head Syndrome

Exploding head syndrome is a medical condition that causes a person to experience a very loud noise that seems to originate from within the persons own head. The sound is often described as an explosion, roar, crashing waves, loud voices or screams, a ringing noise, or buzzing.

The noise most often occurs during sleep, but can also present itself when a person is awake. Although the sound can be extremely loud, there is no actual pain that follows an attack, and the attacks do not actually seem to cause any damage.

Exploding head syndrome, while not dangerous, is very distressing to the individual. The origin of the condition is not completely known however, some scientists believe that exploding head syndrome may be caused by stress or extreme fatigue. The condition can occur at any time during a person’s life, and may only occur once or may occur frequently. However, women seem to suffer from exploding head syndrome more often than men.

Along with causing extremely loud sounds, exploding head syndrome may also cause a brief flash of light. Also, the person experiencing and episode of exploding head syndrome may feel an extreme rush of adrenaline, similar to a state of fear or panic. Although, exploding head syndrome is not directly dangerous, it can cause some individuals to develop other damaging conditions. In some serious cases, the person will become afraid to sleep and will develop insomnia.

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