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Strange Cases in Medicine – Human Werewolf Syndrome

Congenital Hypertrichosis Lanuginosa or better known as Human Werewolf Syndrome is an extremely rare condition. Since its discovery, there have only been 40 to 50 documented cases in the world. People who suffer from this condition are completely covered in hair, except on the palms of their feet and hands. The actual cause of the condition is not entirely known, but scientists do believe that the cause is mostly likely due to a mutation of a certain gene.

Although Human Werewolf Syndrome can be passed down from generation to generation, there is still about a 50/50 chance that the child will not have the condition. Unfortunately, there are currently no cures for Human Werewolf Syndrome, but there are certain methods of managing the condition.

Though the condition has been around since the Middle Ages, we still have not found a cure for it. However, we have come up with ways to manage the condition as much as possible. Some very short and temporary methods of hair loss are shaving, using hair removing creams, or using a ruff surface to remove the hair. These only last for a few days, or in some cases, a few hours. Waxing, sugaring, and threading are methods of hair removal that are temporary, but last several days or possibly several weeks.

There are a few forms of permanent hair removal, but these do not cure the person of the condition and they do pose some risks. Electrolysis and laser hair removal are methods used to permanently remove hair, but at the same time some tissue damage may be caused.

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