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Strange Cases in Medicine Proteus Syndrome

This week’s strange case in medicine is Proteus Syndrome. Proteus Syndrome results in the overgrowth of skin and irregular bone development that is often followed by the growth of tumors over the body. The condition is extremely rare, with only about 120 people living with the condition.

Proteus Syndrome is described as a progressive condition, meaning that when a child is born with the condition it may not be apparent right away. However, as time moves on deformities begin to become fairly obvious. Although not all cases of Proteus Syndrome are diagnosed, as not all irregular growths are severe.

Unfortunately, skin, bone, and tumor growth can begin at any age. Also, the risk of an early death increase dramatically for those diagnosed with Proteus Syndrome. Many individuals suffering from Proteus Syndrome are more likely to develop deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism due to the malformations of the blood vessels. Furthermore, carrying around all the extra weight, caused by the condition, can be hazardous in itself. Arthritis and muscle pain are common for those with Proteus Syndrome, although other, more fatal outcomes are possible.

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