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The Health Benefits of Vitamin A

When your parents told you to eat your carrots because they would improve your eyesight, they weren’t kidding. The beta-carotene in carrots is converted by your body into vitamin A, an essential nutrient for not only healthy eyesight, but also several other conditions as well.

The Health Benefits of Vitamin A

  • Maintains Healthy Eyesight – Vitamin A, as you probably already know, is a key nutrient in maintaining healthy eyesight. Also called retinol, vitamin A aids eyes in adjusting to different lighting and additionally keeps them moist.
  • Prevents and Combats Cancer – Vitamin A keeps cells and cell membranes moist and healthy, making them more resistant to cancers. It has also been proven to reduce the reproduction of DNA of cancerous cells by slowing the growth of tumors and prevent leukemia cells from dividing into new cells.
  • Strong Bones – Both bones and teeth can greatly benefit from the intake of vitamin A, as it helps bones to grow in children and teenagers. Vitamin A continues to support the formation of strong bones in adults as well.
  • Clear Skin – Vitamin A is a crucial ingredient in acne medications including Tretinoin and Isotretinoin, which treat mild to severe forms of acne.

Although vitamin A is an important nutrient, it should only be incorporated into your diet in moderate amounts. Overdosing vitamin A can lead to nausea, irritability and blurred vision and additionally will turn palms and feet orange. The most severe cases of vitamin A overdose may also lead to birth defects.

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