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True Or False Diabetes Facts

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Diabetes is a common illness which is spreading through the nation. There are two types of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. People get their energy from the glucose levels in the blood stream.  Insulin, along with other hormones, works to regulate glucose levels. People with diabetes either cannot produce enough insulin to regulate glucose, (type 1 diabetes) or their bodies cannot use the insulin in their blood properly (type 2 diabetes). There are instances of a person having a combination of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Here are 5 true or false facts about diabetes. See if you can spot the false ones!

    1. Eating too much sugar causes diabetes.

False: Type 1 diabetes is caused by the destruction of the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, so the main cause of diabetes is not sugar consumption.  Type 2 diabetes is the result of an inability for insulin to be used properly. This may be genetically inherited, though eating too much sugar, which leads to weight gain, can increase one’s risk of contracting diabetes. However, in both cases the main cause of diabetes is not the excessive consumption of sugary sweets.

    1. Children with Diabetes cannot eat as many sweets as other children.

True: Children with diabetes are able to eat sugary foods, though they have to ensure their diet is balanced. This means that they have to control the amount of carbohydrates, including treats, they consume. Sweets do not provide any real nutritional value and these types of foods should be avoided. Therefore children and adults should avoid treats as much as possible.

    1. Insulin cures Diabetes.

False: Taking insulin is necessary to manage a person’s diabetes but does not cure it. Insulin works to remove glucose out of your bloodstream and send it to your cells to be put to good use. This does not mean that the main cause of diabetes, a lack of insulin or inability to use insulin, is cured when taking insulin.  It means that it is manageable through stimulating your body create its own insulin.

    1. Increasing your dosage of insulin doesn’t mean your Diabetes is getting worse.

True: It is important for people with diabetes to eat a well- balanced diet, to exercise, and to maintain their blood sugar levels. People with diabetes need to take insulin to carry the glucose from their blood stream into cells.  However, when less insulin is being produced by the pancreas, more insulin must be taken in. This does not mean, though,  that your diabetes has worsened.

    1. Children with diabetes cannot exercise.

False: Exercise is an important part of your child’s lifestyle.  Every child should manage their weight and prevent obesity by taking part in a healthy dose of exercise. However, it is challenging for children with diabetes to do exercise because the glucose in their system is not being transmitted to be used as energy. This does not mean that children should not take part in exercise. It just means they need to be sure to take their insulin so that they have enough energy.

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