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PrescriptionPrescription Required
Formulation : Aerosol Inhaler

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Breztri Aerosphere 160/7.2/5mcg 120doses $282.00Add To Cart
Breztri Aerosphere 160/7.2/5mcg 240doses $549.00Add To Cart
Breztri Aerosphere 160/7.2/5mcg 360doses $816.00Add To Cart
Breztri Aerosphere
Dosage: 160/7.2/5mcg
Quantity: 120doses
Price: $282.00
Breztri Aerosphere
Dosage: 160/7.2/5mcg
Quantity: 240doses
Price: $549.00
Breztri Aerosphere
Dosage: 160/7.2/5mcg
Quantity: 360doses
Price: $816.00

What is Breztri Aerosphere used for? 

Breztri Aerosphere inhaler combines three medications in one oral inhalation. These are budesonide, glycopyrrolate, and formoterol fumarate. This drug is used as a maintenance treatment for individuals suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary (COPD). 

This inhaler contains budesonide, a corticosteroid that has anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive effects. This medication also has glycopyrrolate, an anticholinergic, and formoterol fumarate, a long-acting beta2-adrenergic agonist (LABA). Both of these drugs help relax and dilate bronchial muscles. As a result, nasal airway irritation is reduced, and breathing is improved.

Breztri Aerosphere Dosage 

The amount and number of times you are going to use this drug depends on the assessment of your primary care provider. Usually, dosing and frequency depend on your health condition, age, and tolerance to therapy. This medication is available in a 160/7.2/5mcg aerosol inhaler. 

The recommended daily dose is two inhalations two times per day (two puffs in the morning and another two in the evening). 

Do not exceed the recommended dosage, and avoid spraying into the mouth or eyes. Doing so may increase the likelihood of having side effects. Do not alter your dosage without first consulting your doctor.

Breztri Aerosphere directions for usage 

Before using this oral medication, thoroughly read all drug directions and information. Use the drug as directed on the prescription label or as directed by your doctor. If you have any questions about utilizing this inhaler, contact your doctor or pharmacist. 

This medication is inhaled orally. Shake the canister thoroughly each time you use it.  

  1. Prime the inhaler several times if you are using it for the first time or haven’t used it in a while. Check that the inhaler’s pointer is pointing to the right at the 120-inhalation mark, or 30 if it’s a 7-day inhaler.
  2. To begin, remove the cap and clean the mouthpiece.
  3. Exhale deeply, place the mouthpiece in your mouth and lock your lips around it while holding the inhaler upright. 
  4. Tilt your head backward and press the center of the inhaler.
  5. Breathe in through your mouth rather than your nose as much as possible. Hold your breath for at least 10 seconds to allow the medicine to absorb fully, and then slowly exhale.
  6. Repeat these steps if you need to utilize more than one puff. Wipe the mouthpiece with a clean cloth or tissue after each use, then recap the inhaler.

Each time you use the spray, the dose counter on the Breztri Aerosphere counts down. When the color changes to red, it suggests the number has dropped to 20 puffs from 120 or 10 inhalations from 30, prompting you to have your medication refilled. 

To avoid a fungal infection of the upper respiratory tract, gargle and rinse your mouth with plain water after taking the medication.

Breztri Aerosphere Side Effects 

The following are the most common side effects of this inhalation that usually improve with time when your body gets used to it: 

  • Yeast infection in the mouth (oral thrush) 
  • Symptoms of the flu (sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, headache) 
  • Upper respiratory tract infection (throat discomfort, swelling or pain in your nose and throat, sinus inflammation) 
  • Pneumonia
  • Hoarseness
  • Cough
  • Pain (back, muscles, joints)
  • Muscle spasms
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Increased sugar levels 

Notify your doctor immediately if any of these side effects worsen over time or if you develop any of the following adverse reactions: 

  • Breathing problems 
  • Wheezing on inhalation and exhalation
  • Chest pain
  • Increased pounding heart rate
  • Visual problems (blurred vision, tunnel vision, and eye pain)
  • White spots found within the mouth
  • Tremor
  • Nervousness
  • Muscle weakness, numbness, or cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Signs of urinary tract infection (difficulty or painful urination, frequent urge to urinate)
  • Lung infection (fever, chills, increased coughing, mucus production, changes in mucus color) 

This list does not include all of the medication’s potential side effects. Other unwanted outcomes are possible.


Ensure that you have fully disclosed your medical history before beginning this therapy to your doctor, especially if you have thyroid, heart, liver, kidney, eye, or bone problems, as this can exacerbate your current medical condition. Also, if you have any type of infection (fungal, bacterial, or viral), notify your primary care provider before starting this medication. 

Do not use this medication if you have a known allergy to all of its components. When taking this medication, keep an eye out for any allergic reactions such as rashes, hives, swelling of the face and lips, throat tightness, or difficulty breathing. As soon as these signs and symptoms appear, you should seek medical help. 

Avoid contact with people who have chickenpox, measles, or the flu, as this might raise your risk of contracting illnesses and worsen your health. 

To avoid drug interactions, inform your doctor if you are taking immunosuppressants, anticholinergics, LABAs, herbal supplements, or other medications. 

Use this medication with caution if you have seizure disorders, thyrotoxicosis, diabetes mellitus, or ketoacidosis. 

Do not abruptly stop using this inhaler. Suddenly stopping may worsen your condition. 

Keep the inhalation in a cold, dry location. Ensure that the canister is kept away from open flames or extreme heat, as it could explode if it becomes too hot.

How much does Breztri Aerosphere cost? 

Our Breztri Aerosphere inhaler price is very reasonable. Buy Breztri Aerosphere inhaler from our online pharmacy for a quick and easy transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can Breztri Aerosphere be used in acute asthma attacks?  

No, Breztri Aerosphere is not a rescue medicine for asthma attacks that have already started. Ensure to bring your rescue inhaler (an inhaled, short-acting bronchodilator) with you to treat sudden breathing problems.

How long will it take for Breztri Aerosphere to start working? 

Since Breztri Aerosphere is not a rescue inhaler, it can take up to four weeks before you can feel its full therapeutic effect.

How to avoid oral thrush when using the Breztri Aerosphere? 

Because the Breztri Aerosphere contains corticosteroids, you must rinse or gargle your mouth to prevent this infection from happening. Make sure not to swallow the medication.

Generic name:

Budesonide/Glycopyrrolate/Formetorol Fumarate


Aerosol Inhaler



Quantities Available:

120doses, 240doses, 360doses

Can Drug Store has provided information from third parties intended to increase awareness and does not contain all the information about Breztri Aerosphere (Budesonide/Glycopyrrolate/Formetorol Fumarate). Talk to your doctor or a qualified medical practitioner for medical attention, advice, or if you have any concerns about Breztri Aerosphere (Budesonide/Glycopyrrolate/Formetorol Fumarate).

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