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PrescriptionPrescription Required
Formulation : Powder Inhalation

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Incruse Ellipta 62.5mcg 30doses $90.00Add To Cart
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Incruse Ellipta
Dosage: 62.5mcg
Quantity: 30doses
Price: $90.00
Incruse Ellipta
Dosage: 62.5mcg
Quantity: 60doses
Price: $167.00
Incruse Ellipta
Dosage: 62.5mcg
Quantity: 90doses
Price: $242.00


Incruse Ellipta is a prescription drug intended to prevent, and manage the symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. It is an anticholinergic that improves breathing by relaxing and opening up muscles surrounding the airways of the lungs.   

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Incruse Ellipta Dosing Information:  

Incruse Ellipta Dosing for COPD in Adults: 

  • One inhalation (62.5 mcg) daily. 
  • Maximum dose of one inhalation every 24 hours.  

Incruse Ellipta: How to use  

  • This should be inhaled by mouth as directed by your physician. 
  • Hold your inhaler upright and fully extend the green cap until it clicks. 
  • Exhale completely away from the inhaler. 
  • Close your lips around the mouthpiece and place it in your mouth. Do not use your teeth or tongue to block the mouthpiece.  
  • The cover of the Incruse Ellipta inhaler should not be opened until you are ready to use it. 
  • Use daily to get the maximum effect of the drug. 


  • This should be taken exactly as prescribed by your physician. Review all drug guides or instruction sheets and follow all of the directions on the label. 
  • You will lose the dose if you open and close the cover without inhaling the drug. 
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly to reduce the chance of a mouth infection. Water should not be ingested. Remove and spit out the water. 

Side Effects of Incruse Ellipta: 
Possible Adverse Effects of Incruse Ellipta inhaler:  

  • Serious allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) 
  • Faster heartbeat 
  • Sudden breathing problem 
  • Urination problems such as frequent or painful urination; difficulty urinating  
  • Sore throat  
  • Runny nose 
  • Change in taste 


  • If you are allergic to umeclidinium or have a severe milk protein allergy, you should avoid using this medication.   
  • This medication is not a life-saving drug. It will not be able to treat a bronchospasm attack quickly enough. In the event of an attack, use a quick-acting inhalation drug. 
  • Do not begin, stop, or modify the dosage of these drugs without consulting your doctor, since this may affect the way Incruse Ellipta works. 

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Is Incruse Ellipta a Steroid?  

-No, it is not a steroid. This drug belongs to the anticholinergic class of medication. Do not take this drug if you are already using another anticholinergic medicine. 

Should I take this if I am having sudden trouble breathing? 

-No, this should never be used to address abrupt breathing issues.

When should I take this drug? 

-It is recommended that you take it once a day, at the same time each day. 

If my symptoms get better, should I stop the use of this drug? 

-Do not stop the use of this drug, even if you feel better, without prior advice from your doctor. 


Umeclidinium Bromide


Incruse Ellipta


Powder Inhalation




30doses, 90doses, 60doses

Can Drug Store has provided information from third parties intended to increase awareness and does not contain all the information about Incruse Ellipta (Umeclidinium Bromide). Talk to your doctor or a qualified medical practitioner for medical attention, advice, or if you have any concerns about Incruse Ellipta (Umeclidinium Bromide).

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