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This injection is a single-injection hyaluronic acid therapy that resembles the fluid that surrounds your body’s joints. This Injection is typically prescribed to provide long-lasting pain relief from knee osteoarthritis. This fluid lubricates the joints and functions as a shock absorber. When other arthritis treatments have failed, this drug is frequently prescribed. 

Durolane Dosage 

This injection is given in a single syringe containing 3 milliliters (ml) of gel by a healthcare professional. It is a single dosage, and just one dose per joint should be injected. This injection should only be injected by a trained healthcare practitioner and should not be used at home. 

Durolane vs Synvisc

  • Durolane and Synvisc Injections are used to relieve osteoarthritis-related joint discomfort. However, studies showed that Durolane provides a greater reduction in knee pain versus Synvisc and its repeated use does not increase adverse events. 

Durolane vs Euflexxa 

  • This injection offers long-term relief when an injection is given at the first sign of osteoarthritis and can delay the need for future hip or knee replacement surgery while Euflexxa is used for patients who do not get enough relief from simple pain medications like acetaminophen or from exercise and physical therapy.

Monovisc vs Durolane

  • Durolane injections are most typically used to treat osteoarthritis in the knee that has failed to respond to non-surgical treatment options. Monovisc is a single injection Visco supplement used to relieve joint discomfort caused by osteoarthritis.


  • This injection is injected directly into your knee joint by a healthcare provider and provides pain relief for up to 26 weeks in people with knee osteoarthritis after a single injection
  • Your doctor may advise you to rest your knee or apply ice for a brief time after your injection to reduce discomfort and swelling.

Durolane Side Effects  

Some of the most prevalent unfavorable consequences are as follows: 

  • Where the drug was injected, there was warmth, discomfort, redness, stiffness, bruising, or puffiness; 
  • stomach pains, nausea 
  • walking difficulties; 
  • swollen hands or feet; 
  • back discomfort, joint pain, and muscular pain  
  • numbness or tingling sensation; 
  • headaches, vertigo; or 
  • Sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, sneezing


  • You should not use this Injection if you are allergic to hyaluronic acid. If you have an active infection in the afflicted joint or the skin around the joint, do not use this drug.  
  • Because its safety and efficacy have not been studied in this age range, this injection is not presently recommended for use by anybody under the age of 21. Advise your doctor if you have ever had blood clots or circulation difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions  

-How fast is the recovery after Durolane injection? 

Many patients find considerable improvement from osteoarthritis symptoms after two weeks of injection, based on clinical studies. This drug may give relief from osteoarthritis symptoms for up to six months after injection.   

-How is this medication given? 

Durolane is injected directly into the knee joint by a healthcare practitioner. 

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