11 Ways for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

New year's resolution

1)Plan Before The New Year – Making a New Year’s resolution on December 31 won’t be much help. Your resolution should be well thought out way before the New Year arrives. It should be a goal you have thought out and are motivated to accomplish.

2)Outline You Plan – Arranging how you will accomplish your goal and what steps you are going to take will help in the long run. Not having any idea of where to begin your goal will just make you want to put it off more. If you are looking to lose weight, plan out some healthy meals you would be interested in and create a schedule for a good time to work out. Create manageable portions to help you reach your goal.

3)Stick To One Goal – Having ten different resolutions will create problems so nothing will be accomplished. Choosing one goal that you know you will stick to and are motivated to achieve will end in success. Guaranteed failure would come from trying to do everything at once.

4)A List Of Pro’s and Con’s – Making a list that shows all the good that can come out of the accomplishment of your goal can create self motivation. Thinking on the better side will add more to the Pro’s side, giving you all the motivation you need. Keep the list nearby in case you’re thinking of eating that extra slice of pizza.

5)Start With The Small Picture – Taking small steps towards a bigger goal will make your resolution seem easier. Be realistic. Losing 20 pounds in the first week of the New Year is not that great of a start. Starting off with eating right and exercising will get you to lose those 20 pounds in no time. The difference will come with more motivation as the year goes on.

6)Get Support – Not being afraid to let people know what you are trying to achieve will be all the more help. The more people you tell the more support you have if you fall behind. Getting tips and finding help in others is nothing to be scared of.

7)Begin At A Good Time – Starting right when the New Year begins may work; but the gloomy winter weather might get you down. Choosing the right time of year can be hard but you should start when you feel you are motivated enough. Of course don’t start in September when the year is almost gone. Start off in the spring when the weather is nice and the change in season will correspond with the change you wish to see in yourself.

8)Track Your Change – Seeing is believing. And seeing your progress as the year goes on will push you further towards your goal. As you go on to see how well you have done in keeping your resolution, more motivation will come to achieve that goal or even create an even bigger goal for yourself. Create check points during the year to help show how well you are doing.

9)Treat Yourself – Show yourself that through hard work comes happiness. Rewarding yourself every now and then does not hurt. It will give you something to look forward to. Keep the rewards small because in the end, those little rewards will be nothing compared to the huge difference in yourself.

10) Stick To It – Stay with your goal any way that you can. If you are trying to lose weight , find ways to avoid fatty foods or if you are looking to stop smoking, find a distraction from it. On average, it will take someone 21 days to create a habit out of something and 6 months for that habit to turn into a lifestyle. Sticking to your goal will become who you are, making it that much easier.

11)You Are In Charge – Don’t let anyone or anything get you down. You make your progress at your own pace, not anyone else’s. Don’t put yourself down when you get off track a little. Do what you can each day to make yourself happy. Show a strong sense of control of your goal otherwise you might just lose sight of what you wanted in the first place.


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