5 Uses for Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Baking soda is quite an amazing product with an incredibly large number of uses. Not to mention, baking soda can be used to replace many harmful cleaning substances. These substances are often released into our water systems causing significant damage to the wildlife.  Here are just 5 uses for baking soda

  1. Clean coffee and tea pots – Don’t run to a harmful chemical cleaner to use on your coffee pot. Just the idea of putting those chemical into something that makes my drinks kind of disturbs me. Instead, use ¼ cup of baking soda and a quart of warm water to clean your coffee machines.
  2. Removes oil and grease stains – sprinkle baking soda onto an oil or grease spill in you garage or driveway and scrub it with a wet brush.
  3. Fire extinguisher – If you experience a small fire while cooking, try to turn off the gas or electricity if possible. Move away from the fire and throw baking soda at the fire. Because baking soda releases carbon dioxide when it is heated, it helps to smother the flames. You should call the Fire Department just as a safety precaution. You should have a fire extinguisher available in case of a larger fire.
  4. Deodorize you shoes – This is probably a very well known use for baking soda, but it’s very helpful. Especially for your gym shoes, or the shoes that you played football in the rain with. Shake the baking soda into the shoe and leave them for a while. Shake the baking soda out of the shoe before wearing again.
  5. Freshen sports gear – If you, or your family member/loved ones play a sport like football or hockey, than this may be the most important use for baking soda you may ever hear. To get rid of that awful smell in their gym bag, sprinkle baking soda right into the bag. You can use a baking soda mix that uses 4 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 quart of warm water to actually clean and deodorize the sports gear itself.

There are many, many other uses for baking soda, but I hope these 5 were interesting and helpful. Try to be actively aware of what you are sending down you drains. Just changing one thing in your life can have a tremendous effect on the world around you.


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