The ABC 20/20 Report—Not All Online Pharmacies Are Rogue

Pharmacist hands with drug and prescription

An ABC 20/20 report recently came out and it comprehensively covered the safety of online purchasing mechanisms. It also featured how Big Pharma had joined forces with ASOP, LegitScript, and NABP to let the public know that almost all of the prescription purchases made online were completely unsafe. However, the evidence reveals something else completely. Here are a few things that you should know about:

There Are Many Existing Legitimate Online Pharmacies

While rogues are in existence, this does not mean that there are no legitimate online pharmacies. There was a study carried out by the National Bureau of Economic Research, and this study supported that there are many legitimate online pharmacies around. However, knowing that rogue online pharmacies exist as well, people need to be careful. And here are a few ways in which they can take precautionary methods:

  1. Never purchase from an online pharmacy that does not ask regarding the drugs you are using or your personal health history
  2. Never purchase from an online pharmacy not having a telephone number or physical location
  3. Never purchase from an online pharmacy not requiring a valid prescription
  4. Never purchase from an online pharmacy not licensed by government or provincial licensing body

The CIPA website will be able to verify online pharmacies for you so you can always check there to be sure.

Unknown Impurities, Active Ingredients, and Inactive Ingredients

It is still yet to be determined who verified the reports stating that the unknown impurities that were tested were actually harmful. It is also not yet known what these unknown impurities were that were found in the analysis in the 20/20 report.

All medications consist of two components, i.e. active ingredients and inactive ingredients. The active ingredients are what make the medication perform up to its expectations. Inactive ingredients, on the other hand, are binders, colorants, or fillers and are completely inert in nature. Different companies offering the same drug will have the same active ingredients but their inactive ingredients can differ at times. Big Pharma has taken this knowledge and used it to its advantage.

However, people should know that legitimate, affordable, and safe medications are available through online means from properly licensed and verified Canadian Pharmacies.


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